Somnium has released a software product VIRCHOW. This 3D pathology constructor interactively demonstrates pathological changes in human organs for various diseases and syndromes. It is based on innovative 3D graphics. One of the advantages of this product is that the student may, without leaving the classroom, get acquainted and study the pathological changes of a person, and also model further changes in real time. VIRCHOW consists of 10 modules, including 134 diseases and syndromes, as well as a set of 19 organs, whose pathology can be modelled by you without any assistance.

“VIRCHOW is the only solution in the world today that enables medical students to interactively model morphological changes in human organs in certain diseases in a 3D space. The results of a study titled “Using a Pathology 3D Program in the Learning Process” showed that the program is an efficient tool for            summative assessment (tests and exams). Thanks to the ability of the program to visually demonstrate the studied material, the app is an effective tool for students’ preparing themselves for practical exercises and studying of pathology in a game mode. The app develops independence and visual memory, which enables one to better absorb the educational material”, – Arman Mukushov, CEO, Somnium LLP.

Last year, Somnium presented a report on the product at the European Congress of Pathology in Germany. The product was included in the top 40 pathology solutions from among 4000 reports and posters. The company also received a positive review from Henry P. Godfrey (M.D.-Ph.D.), Professor of Pathology, New York Medical College, who noted that «… It is a well-designed learning toll for a student with limited previous exposure to Pathology to deepen his/her knowledge both during classroom teaching hours and during independent study after and before them. Its content is structured to develop a range of professional competencies in undergraduate students, including cognitive, operational, ethical/esthetic and continuing educational«.